Submission Guidelines

  1. Stories should be of the author’s experience in buying or selling pianos—experiences that were somehow unusual, surprising, touching, and/or instructive.
  2. Stories must be true; however, the names of persons and firms mentioned in the stories may be disguised when advisable.
  3. The author’s real name—and, if a retailer, actual store affiliation—must accompany submission. In rare instances, however, a request to publish anonymously will be considered.
  4. Stories will be edited for length, grammar, and style, but the edited version will be published only with the author’s approval.
  5. Photos pertinent to the story will be considered for publication.
  6. Publication will be online only.
  7. In general, no payment will be made for use of the story. However, when the story is by a professional author, a small payment will be considered.
  8. License is only to publish online on the Piano Buyer blog/website; author retains all other rights.
  9. Submissions of any length are considered, but shorter ones are preferred.
  10. Submissions should be sent in Microsoft Word, as an e-mail attachment, to

One thought on “Submission Guidelines

  1. This is an awesome idea. I have several stories that I would like to add to this site ,

    I have read Grand Obsession and in fact Perry came to this area and did a book reading

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